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Calling All Alley Cats and Alley Fans!


Your donations are needed for the “Save The Alley”

Fundraising Auction and Show!

Help save a historic Oakland institution!

Show your community your awesome skills!

Promote your business to Oakland residents!

Do you or someone you know have a craft, talent, business, collectible item, vacation house/timeshare or do you love creating gift baskets for your friends?

To donate


or contact us at

We’re up for everything!

Party Planning


Hand-Crafted Goods

Unique Items

Original Art

Gift Baskets

and More!

If your offering isn’t COVID safe, just specify that in your donation content and we will mark it as redeemable after the shelter orders are lifted.  

A Special Note for Oakland Businesses

We know this is a hard time for many businesses and many of you are having your own fundraisers. If you’d like to donate but can’t afford it, we are happy to offer your item, start the bidding “at cost”, and return the “at cost amount” if it gets a bid or return the item. We’ll return the favor by getting your name and offerings in front of our community.  

With thanks for these donors and sponsors

Oaktown Spice Shop

Market Hall

Grand Lake Kitchen

Far Niente Winery

Contact us at

with any questions!  

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